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Dudek Bowling Leagues

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Dudek Bowling offers a wide variety of fun competitive bowling for people of all ages from our Junior League to Adult Leagues to Senior Leagues and all skill levels. Bowling leagues are available almost ever night of the week or daily senior leagues... year round. Meet new friends and polish your bowling skills in a Dudek Bowling League. Contact us for more information and availability about joining one of our leagues or start your own league.

      Call us to signup!

 We're looking for Summer League bowlers.


     (or stop by Dudek Lanes today and sign up)

Our Tuesday Night League   

The Dudek "Majors" Team

2016 R.I. State Champs

2016  National Champs

Vanessa Mansi

Tim Tarantelli

Brandon McKenzie

Jason McKenzie

Our Thursday Senior League

The Golden Girls

From The Tuesday Morning Women's League

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